IPO Communications

Hong Kong Listing

Perception is reality. Nothing replaces a good corporate image and a postiive first impression. This is particularly true for companies making an debut public offer to investors. A good communications strategy helps enhance understanding, bring out merits, address short-comings, bridge expectation gaps, and boost investor confidence.

We gather market intelligence and work hand-in-hand with our clients, their sponsors and financial advisors to come up with compelling and comprehensible equity stories that appeal to investors of different appetites, maximizing the enterprise value of our clients at critical moments.

Our core team has handled in aggregate over 80 Hong Kong IPOs over the past decade. Not only do we take every step with our clients in the IPO process in making the share offer a great success, we also work as a long term partner of our client after listing in shaping a sound business model and strategies for its investor and media relations.